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where is vcr heading

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    At present VCR is scaring away investors based on there Financial performance, 2007 Financials released show revenue growth to $4.9 Million with Total Losses of $36.5 Million and cash reserves of $48.6 Million. Technically speaking the business has only just pushed the revenue rasier button. Time is againest this entity US patent approval cant really come quick enough for them, however based on the above figures Revenue needs to grow alot quicker then it has potentially. In theory with cash reserves of only $48.6 million the company has only sufficient cash for another 1.5 years, without further capital raising which will dilute further our shareholding. Is this enough time for the biggest patent we are awaiting for ? I've been an investor in VCR since the share price was $1.78 (2003-2004), I have averaged down on my share holdings more then once and have hit rough seas with high volatility. But I see the light at the end of the tunnel, I trully believe this stock once US patent approval is given, the share price is far greater then $3.00 per stock far greater as returns will be straight through the roof. However time means money and unfortunately time is going to be a crucial component of VCR's existence on the ASX. Hopefully VCR have a bigger heart then Phar Lap as we all know she was a winner. My recommendation is to buy accumulate and hold. Its a long term investment, monitor announcements closely due to the volatility of the stock. But buy with confidence not emotion.
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