where is the support for rml.

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    I dont understand why this company is being sold down everytime it makes a positive announcement.

    As we all know, they have Nickel DSO,Nickel drilling to happen, Platinum drilling to happen (i hope), Tampakan drilling at some stage....goes on & on.

    I know the US stock market has dried up and Australia looks like following, but those that have a vested interest in RML,must be the same as me...frustrated!!

    There is other factors that may be causing the lack of support and constant selling..imo.

    There is a major shareholder called Roger Nickolenko who has a large holding, it is possible he has a problem with the current management and sells stock at the sniff of any good news.This is a huge problem for RML.How is this resolved, i dont know the answer? Please comment if any of you can see a solution to this.

    The other possibility is the uneasy thought of European Nickel making a cheap bid for RML, and they have been keeping a lid on the sp.

    Comments welcome.
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