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where is the cost production figures

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    On 29 June MCO stated that the Gravity Treatment Plant was operating at designed throughput capacity.

    To me this means that they are treating 10 ton of development ore per hour.

    Is it overly optimistic to assume that based on a 10 hr day at 10 tons per hour and treating 5gpt, development stockpiled ore, then MCO are producing 500 grams of gold per day which equates to about 16 oz of gold per day or 110 ozs per week.

    In dollar terms this then means that MCO should be getting about 160,000 dollars per week from the sale of their gold.

    Yet we have heard nothing from the company about gold production.

    Surely if the directors are actually concerned about the progress of this company, they would be providing gold production updates.

    I wonder if it is a deliberate ploy to run this company down so that shares can be picked up cheaply.

    Surely the mob that brought at .46 cent recently would be diving in headfirst to get shares at the current price, they must have been convinced that MCO was good value at .46 cents.

    I am tempted to state what I think about the skill of current management but that may get me into trouble, I however wish that the ASX had some bite to their bark and looked at some of the forward looking statements issued by companies (MCO) which never seem to eventuate.

    I actually rate MCO in the same boat as BDG, HEG and worst of all CTO
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