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where in west africa

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    Anyone one know the country in question that is mentioned in the paragraph extracted from an announcement from the ASX, 25/03/2003, by the company Eagle Bay Resources NL,EBR.

    (EBR 100%)

    Following the success of Hardman Resources NL in the areas A and B
    in the offshore Senegal-Mauritania basins in a joint venture with
    Woodside and AGIP, the Company previously completed in country
    research on the prospectivity of the offshore West African basins.

    This resulted in the lodgement of an application to acquire a 100%
    interest in a new deep water block. The application block shows
    seismically defined structures with potential oil in place.

    It is likely the target can be intersected by one exploration well
    down to 1600 metres located in deep water. No recent contact has
    occurred with the relevant national Government regarding the
    processing of the permit application.
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