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where do the shorts go if

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    If there is an attempted takeover? This company is ripe for the pickings from any number of hedge funds or other property groups & don't forget Macq Bank which already had a tip at them.

    Market Cap $380M
    Net Assets after writedowns $2.4Bln!

    Even if there was another writedown of assets valued at 8bln, net assets would still be $1.6bln.

    Takeover offer at 90c, double Friday's close & [email protected] of asstes picked up for $760mln. For some reason I keep coming up with a takeover offer of $1.08, however even at 70 odd cents if a fund was very cheeky (recent highs), the s/p would trade to a premium of that as the large shorts would have to cover. They would have no chance as it would be at the takeover offer price or higher in a flash. CNP is got to be getting very appetising to cashed up fundies wanting a bargan.
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