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where are we at

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    What are we waiting on, Where are we at...

    From Range's Quarterly (31.01.08):

    The Puntland Government is in negotiations with the TFG President, the new Prime Minister and new Energy Minister with regards to a joint Puntland/TFG development agreement of natural resources which ultimately preserves Range's (and Africa Oil's) current agreements with the Puntland Government and Parliament. Range is confident that a formal agreement will be reached in February 2008.

    Note: The new Energy Minister mentioned is the Federal Minister for Energy, not the Puntland Minister - I clarified this with Range.

    Where are we at: The official Puntland Government website posted on 3rd February that a draft constitution had been received by the Government. Managed to obtain a copy of the article BEFORE it was removed from the site...copied below.

    Google news "draft puntland constitution" to verify this article existed

    The article as posted on the official Puntland Government website:

    Stay tuned.

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