where are the men?

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    Where Are the Men?
    by Ellen W. Horowitz
    Oct 01, '03 / 5 Tishrei 5764

    A lot of us try to tie-up loose ends on the personal front before Yom Kippur. We attempt to cover old debts, purchase overdue wedding gifts and mend friendships. Usually, there’s a sense of relief when we finally take care of that unfinished business. However, trying to go into a New Year carrying this overwhelming load of national baggage is impossible. So I have an idea... When the 5764 express to Oslo pulls into the station, I suggest that we all load our collective Jewish luggage onto the train, but refuse to board. You may have to kiss that baggage goodbye, because I’m going to do all I can to bomb the tracks.

    Israeli pilots, move over! Even though I have vertigo and doubt if I could fit my rather wide girth into a cockpit, I’m ready to fly. How many “g”s can this mother take? Well, I figure that the blood pressure changes and decrease in the flow of oxygen to my brain that I undergo every time I have to absorb the news of yet another terrorist atrocity is the equivalent to the rapid nose dive of any modern fighter jet.

    You letter-signers from the IAF are a disgrace to an already embarrassed nation. We have far more respect for the guys on the front lines. You know, those security guards who protect the entrances to our offices, stores, hotels and places of entertainment. They’re far more sensitive and benevolent than any of you elite “humanitarian” psuedo-heroes. I was hanging out with one of them the other day in Jerusalem and watched as he lovingly pet and fed a stray cat. Like a little kid, he proceeded to describe to me, in great detail, the various stray animals of the neighborhood and how he takes care of them. I could have sworn that I was holding a conversation with Forest Gump and yet, I felt so safe.

    I doubt this security guard had the technical brains to maneuver an F-16, but he was doing a good job of protecting the inhabitants of the building, as well of the rest of the living creatures in the area. Move over fighter pilots, Israel has new heroes! You guys get to push the buttons in your hi-tech flying toys, but that unsophisticated guard may get an up-close and personal look at the whites of a terrorist’s eyes before he gets a chance to pull a trigger. I have no doubt that he would fight tooth and nail (literally) to stop an attack. This puts a whole new spin in the concept of “separating the men from the boys”. It seems that in another curious twist of fate, our naive children, young men and quite a few women, have inherited the chutzpah that you elitists have misplaced (maybe you left it in the hotel room when you took your last European vacation).

    Where are the men?

    Are Jewish men so removed from their basic survival instincts that they refuse to take up arms when their women and children are being slaughtered like sheep?

    Where is the rage?

    At the onset of Oslo, the Israeli Right had a well-organized, highly effective protest movement in place. The people had a voice and the Knesset members heard us - whether they wanted to or not. Yes, three years into the clamorous demonstrations, there was a devastating political assassination - under highly controversial circumstances. But, have we relinquished our G-d given (some would say democratic) right to express ourselves because of the miserable failings and scheming of Israel’s internal security and political apparatus?

    It is the ultimate in tragic irony that we’re afraid to return to the streets in protest because somebody might get hurt. If only our leaders cared for us like we care for our leaders.

    Where are our leaders?

    What really happens to our former heroes once they sit in the Prime Minister’s chair? Years ago, when this mess began, my husband used to infuriate me when he would interrupt my urbane, Westernized political rantings with his very crude Israeli explanations (“A small U.S. envoy sits under the Prime Minister’s desk with a nutcracker...”). You know, I now think he’s right (.......................So do I..........Snooker)

    Is Sharon more concerned with commitments to President Bush than he is about his obligation to protect and lead his own people? He’s willing to watch his citizens go up in flames, rather than risk inflaming the region and jeopardizing America’s vital interests.

    According to the Jerusalem Post, in a pre-Rosh Hashana Yediot Ahronot interview, Sharon admits to having once promised George W. Bush that he would not harm Arafat. Sharon also said that it is “very difficult to guarantee that if you grab and take him, he will not be harmed. In any event, we will have to take American considerations into account. It is possible that their estimation that this will cause them problems in the Middle East is correct...”

    That quote may contain the answer to a disturbing question that still stumps the scholars. Nothing angers me more than the ongoing prattle that takes place in academic circles as to why the allied forces didn’t bomb the tracks to Auschwitz.

    When all of this is over (it will eventually end and there will be better days for our people in the Land of Israel) and while we’re still calculating the final body count and assessing the damages, a lot of murmuring male voices will make themselves heard via electronic and print media. Everyone from Jewish day school rebbes to Swedish diplomats will ponder the big question. I can just see Holocaust survivor-turned-politician Tommy Lapid rehashing with talk-show icon and son, Yair Lapid, as to “why we didn’t bomb the tracks to Oslo.”

    Meanwhile, every Diaspora Jewish leader of all of the has-been American/Israel advocacy groups that once successfully championed the slogans “we are one” and “never again”, will be encouraging “soul searching”. What these community leaders fail to understand is that Jewish America buries more Jewish souls in a day then Israelis bury bodies in a year.

    Some of us won’t be tuning-in to the blabber, as we’ll be too busy picking up the pieces and recreating and rebuilding a vibrant Jewish State.

    That’s a lot to bite off and chew before the Yom Kippur fast. But when Jewish blood is at stake, some of us loathe the very thought of being stoic and accepting.
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