Where are the lefties-Joe Hockey is wrong RBA decision bad for the economy!

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    Joe Hockey appears to have lost all credibility. Not only do I hear a broadcast over the radio saying the RBA decision is good news for Australia according to Mr Hockey. I then here he talks about the benefits of lowing inflation.

    Well Mr Hockey get out your textbook. Dropping rates is more likely to raise prices and inflate rather than deflate lowering prices as people send more since it is less interest for savers. But does the govt already know this? Face it, such is the incompetence they demand the consumers waste money on consumption so their unemployment figures can look better.

    Is Australia really that bad. To me Mr Hockey and the RBA are indirectly calling Australia a basket case, a banana republic. The only benefit of lower interest rates is the banksters to protect their mortgage loan positions. It looks like the banksters bought the pollies out.

    It looks to me that this interest rate decision makes Australia's pending civil war one step closer as the main in the street cannot afford to buy a propped up house price while the haves have it all and more due to inflated assets!

    Fact is thanks to lower interest rates and a falling dollar Australia can afford to be more incompetent protecting the power brokers from performance until the debt burden busts!

    The elite are laughing and the common taxpayer is down trodden again!
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