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when will the takeover happen???

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    After reading yesterday's announcement, it is just a matter of time. Perhaps this comment sums it up although you would be better off reading the whole thing.

    "There is currently renewed interest in the internet and there are currently significant pools of capital that are available to be immediately deployed."

    The article makes no secret of the fact that the main players in this industry will be rolled up in the next few years. Many say it will be much sooner.

    Methinks it will be in the near future.

    I think the CEO, Richard Moore, is being very fair to holders here. We've been warned. That's why there's not much for sale.

    Pretty smart chap this Mr Moore by the look of it - has a masters degree in mathematics....mmmhh.....as the late, great Graham Kennedy would have quipped....."clever d*ck."

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