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when will the games end

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    I see we have the games start again this morning.

    If the 175000 seller really wants to sell today, why hide behind the 170k sells at 52c. Why not put it at 51.5c. Or sell 20 to 50 thousand at a time at 51.5c. If you have watched how this stock trades, then that is the way to do it, if you are serious about selling.

    Of course it's more dramatic to show 343k selling at 52c rather than my above scenario. IMO that is why it was put there. Is it the accumulator trying to suck a few more weary sellers to a lower sell point? To me it is being capped and easy to do with a low volume stock.

    I said about a week ago, by not releasing the reports they will milk this stock to the nth degree. They are certainly still doing that. It may annoy us, but the pain of watching it dwindle like this will be worth it in the long run.
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