TPT 0.00% 0.9¢ tangiers petroleum limited

when will the big money start buying???

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    Cheers Jeffo

    Bring in the instos.... Not one big name on the top 20

    FAST had 52% of the registry before recent placement made
    up of the serious money via Mirabau and shore capital

    Chariot has 10 brokers covering them
    Fastnet 5 brokers
    PVD at least 4 brokers
    TPT???? Peel Hunt 1, shore is on the fastnet band wagon
    so i really just count 1

    exciting thing for me is no Aussie broker has initiated yet
    or any large insto fund properly loaded into it.....
    any body in the stock is pre pre pre any major move up....

    Firmly believe that Mondays news will bring them in.....

    May just take a few weeks or months for them to digest.....
    especially with insto market shutting shop over the next few weeks for about 4-6 weeks

    aussie roadshow i heard maybe next week and uk road show show hopefully late January should sort this short term weakness out...

    Karoon took two weeks at least after conoco farmed in....
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