BLR 0.00% 0.2¢ black range minerals limited

when the time is right....

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    1. We shall get more results from TR. I am starting to think they won't announce any more progressive results due to the last debarcle when they announced. (this should be a very very nice surprise and expected resource increase above their target IMHO.)

    2. We shall Find out who is doing all the buying. Watching for large parcels crosses along with subsequent Substantial ShareHolder announcements. Other than very good up-days, volume is low but very consistant and persistant.

    3. Get some indications on the Copper left in FH. I'm hopeing for better than 5% contained copper. An average of 8-10 would be awesome.

    4. All be BLR will have to chose where in the Koonenberry belt to go dig. There will be many options with high probabilities and possibilities. From my understanding the Aerial Surveys can be very accurate.

    5. Be informed of further aquisitions :)

    I am still looking for a total URANIUM resource of 60-80 Million Pounds.

    Posted as opinion...for discussion. (especially No1)
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