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when rampers become downrampers

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    Its a bit out bush here today so being a little bored thought I'd browse back through the history of one particular poster who has a lot to say about MAK these days. Its interesting to see the ramper turn to downramper ... LOL

    This is a great example of how stockchat forums can be used and abused for the selfish gains of unscrupulous individuals ...

    I've called it the evolution of CEFADOG ...

    1. The 'excited' cefadog

    dogs go whacko for smackos (cefadog)
    Posted: 30/01/08 14:20 S

    smack,im excited

    2. The 'free carried' cefadog

    re: might we get a speeding ticket (cefadog)
    Posted: 12/02/08 12:02

    i have sold half my holding this morning (80c),now free carried,t3 may come into play this arvo and tomorrow morning,still holding plenty though,safety net

    3. The 'optimistic, free carried' cefadog

    massive run coming (cefadog)
    Posted: 12/02/08 15:10

    going over last 3 days we should be nearly out of tradable shares

    4. The 'reflective, free carried' cefadog
    re: what am i misssing here (cefadog)

    Posted: 18/02/08 21:02 Sentiment:

    hello vayama,hows the family ,well i hope,good to see you holding a quality share,i made a mistake and selling a few and keeping my free holds,ahhh such is life,look after yourself,no sarcasm

    5. The 'long term hold, though free carried' cefadog

    re: getting whipsawed out (cefadog)
    Posted: 21/02/08 13:49

    most of us that got in at low prices are probably free carried now,so no need to really even to watch it or post,we know where its going,its good to see the day traders get burned on it,as its a long term hold

    6. The 'defensive, free carried' cefadog

    re: looks set to freefall (cefadog)
    Posted: 22/02/08 14:37

    heard that at 30c,freefall smeefalll,was it a dub or adud

    7. The 'dog has sold out his free carry' cefadog

    the dog has sold out (cefadog)
    Posted: 27/02/08 12:46

    why,because a retrace will come,and i bought them at 30c,and im appy,cheers

    8. The ‘ramper become downramper’ cefadog

    re: now this is a pump and dump (cefadog)

    Posted: 28/02/08 15:26

    also take note of the downrampers,and guys mak will fall to 1,30 very soon,its got nothing yet

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