when is blaming labour going to stop.

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    The main phrase coming out of all senior Lib's is
    "We are fixing the mess that Labor left behind"
    This is the basis of all the justification for the budget and its fallout. Blame Labor is the mantra.
    If it is so obvious that Labor was to blame then how can anyone find this apparently clear and distinct in such a short amount of time.
    If Libs took over in September 2013, they have had enough time prior to delivering this budget to drill very deep into the economy, look at every welfare issue, look at foreign aid issues, discuss with all members of their party and how this will affect their constituents, and everything else that is associated with this budget. Your kidding me right.
    If this was left to a high profile accountancy firm, it would take longer than 7 months to come to these conclusions. If the problem was so bad, It would take years.
    There probably is a mess left behind but how in hell can they be so precise with all of these measures they have delivered when they only started getting access to the books in September 2013 and be so sure that they have it right in their first budget.
    I think what happened was that they had a very quick look at the books, saw it was as they expected, closed the books in October and decided they would simply use Labor as their door mat for their justifications.
    Tactically, they got this wrong, they should have eased the masses into this over the term of 3 years, hitting the population hard now and hoping in the 3 years time when the next election comes around that measures they put in place would have some positive effect is a BIG gamble.
    They may have used the blame Labour tag once to often.
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