When did Interest rates first fall in 2000?

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    Was it August? If so, the RBA decision was 4 months behind official crash date (April 2000), and 9 months behind Greenpastures crash date (November 1999), be it that decline actually started in September 1999 (12 months behind). (*) Soooo, RBA decision process appears to have been a long way behind the "Informed" market (lead indicator), and less so behind the "uninformed" market. The difference now is that issues such as September 11, enron, accounting have held the market back, which may help to explain why its been such a long wait, otherwise we may have possibly already entered a sustained rally by now. Nevethless, Australian market had dealt with its company failures earlier that USA has it seems. A plus.

    (*) note our market started to rise in July 2001 (followed by a number of setbacks), rates raised for the forst time today.
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