Does it really matter? Why over complicate things? The...

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    Does it really matter? Why over complicate things?

    The competition is for February, not the last day of January, and the start of Feb.

    Don't know what time the transactions will be done, 10:30 a.m. maybe,

    with the 10 minute delay?

    Doubt if "buys" or "sells" will be actioned in real time, due to stocks opening at different times.

    All will be revealed tomorrow.

    Tomorrows open may well be todays close, depending on what time the first trade takes place,

    or it may open lower, which will be to your advantage.

    Some stocks don't trade the minute the market opens, but however it is done,

    it will be the same for ALL OF US.

    Interested to know which stock you are talking about, that it is causing you so much angst.
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