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when are we drilling...

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    Anyone have anything to share or speculate on??

    Sharemadder... I looked up the website you've previously posted to follow up on BLM approvals - could not find any additional notes to the original approval for para #2 - not that I'd know specifically what to look for - was simply hoping for some news (because clearly, accurate updating is not something our directors are conversant in)

    Any thoughts on the next ann and what it might relate to? SP seems to be floundering a bit aimlessly, with both sides of the fence light on volume.

    Having stayed away from WCU myself does anyone have any projections on how (much) an outcome either way would impact the SP?

    Seemingly not content with the rollercoster of GDN, I've now entered the EGO saga as well... It was my way of keeping from the temptation to load up more GDN... at least they are drilling and posting everyday - any GDNers also watching that stock?

    ... bored and fraught with much danger!
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