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when a stock price goes down

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    After the market's January and February performance, affecting practically all of the stocks in my portfolio, the tenancy is to question why you chose the shares you did, or hung on to them. The market has been working against the fundamental reasons for investing, the biggest irony of all is that we have record oil, near record copper, record gold, and high other base metals. All of the shares I'm in have their respective commodities at record or near record prices, and their shares are the cheapest they've been in years.

    For TMR, these fundamentals are looking even more superb when I first purchased. Indeed, many traders and holders of TMR sought to comment on TMR shares during their wild ride. We now know that it was indeed Latitude selling of their huge holding.

    Just to point out the emotional posts during this time, I've taken a selection of comments made recently on hotcopper, and posted them for you viewing pleasure here. This is basically to illustrate how quickly a tide can turn.

    "Does tricom margin lend on tamaya shares."
    "Somethings not right here.Sell side building to now over 3million."
    "thats exactly the concern, nothing has been stated by management to re ensure shareholders of what is clearly a nervous time.Look what happened to VRE."
    "Somebody is dumping BIG time!!"
    "ouch and i wonder this going under 10???"
    "I implore all HotCopperites to demand Hugh Callaghan to resign.......He cannot sure-up institutional investors nor keep them on board.....13c - you are kidding?
    He was awarded Mining CEO of the year because sp went from 10-20 within a few months of him taking what does he have to show for it?
    You can argue fundamentals of this stock till you are blue in the face.....but fact is this: THE MARKET IS NEVER WRONG!.......the big players are speaking....
    Sack Hugh....Email them...I have.."
    "Weak as anything this stock...but i like that as i am waiting 10-11 cents." - Keep waiting LOL
    "State Colonial Bank have been selling their position in TMR - is what the taxi driver told me......."

    Panicy times for sure. Keep holding you'll be rewarded IMO.
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