wheels falling off operation sovereign borders

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    Just heard on Sky news that the findings of six incursions of Australian naval vessels are out. Morrison not sounding sure of himself where this is all heading.

    Apparently the claim is that it wasn't deliberate and the crew of the Navy vessels involved are being blamed. Cowboy Morrison has got to be kidding ,he puts our navy in this position and now they shoulder the blame and may face disciplinary action.

    Its incredible. There is now an international focus on Australia and its not looking good. The Human Rights Commission wants an independent inquiry into the Manus Island riots and outcome and will put more pressure on Australia.

    Morrison is now apologising like a cockatoo that knows only one word.

    No doubt this will get a lot of coverage and more to come.

    Between riots, injuries, death , illegal incursions, wrecked diplomatic relations, jobs going, business shutting down we also now have a wave of alleged Liberal corruption referred to in NSW.

    Within six months we have gone from a happy secure country to one of extreme uncertainty.
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