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whats your thoughts t4p on agi

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    been going through old announcements trying to find a profit forecast for Europe, cant find a thing as they keep these things very close to the chest.

    Last year was about 2M in revenue from Europe and they were only just entering this market. I cannot find any reference to Russia (so I am going to asssuem this is part of Europe) and I do know they were spending a lot of time and energy on cracking this market.

    I am going to have a guess that this contract will be worth around $6M but that is just a major punt.

    When they floated at $1 the prospectus was aiming for a profit of about $950K which they didn't meet.

    Anyways I hold a shitload at about 39c average so happy days are a coming. Me thinks this one is on its way back up over $1 soon so profit taking time is near...
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