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whats your choice?

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    Just a question and am interested to hear anwsers.

    Over the last 6 months CTP's market cap would
    average around $60mill...

    Why would a big fish or even a medium one for that matter want to get into bed with CTP on a joint venture?

    Why not just take them over... look what you'd get exploration rights of over 270,000 sq km's of land,reams of reports,valuations,data on OIL,GAS,COAL,SHALE,HELIUM not to mention a top management team.

    What is that worth?
    10cents a share at 100mill
    15cents a share at 150mill
    20cents a share at 200mill...What would you be happy with?

    But if there were no fish out there and we were on our own would a cap raising..say another billion at around 4.5cents that would give us $45 mill get us out of jail and prove to the big fish come and join us would you be happy with that?

    Whats your choice...Take over or cap raising?

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