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Whats wrong with these people

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    Despite Sliders best efforts buyers seem setermined to purchase as much of this 'dog' as they can get their hands on.

    That's another 2.824 million today at around 53c! Gosh Slider/illusions don't they realise that this stock is being dumped and will go to 35c.

    That's 10.673 million shares at around this price or higher. And all due to my ramping.

    Hey wait a bit! Maybe they are buying because the stock has been way oversold by the idiot instos who are always forced to oversell a stock whe they want to place a line of stock on market in a low to medium volume traded stock.

    And with an nta of 90c+ and possibly a 5 to 6c dividend on the way.......maybe you guys have actually been very busy diverting the members of this forum away from a genuine bargain !!

    Here's a tip fella's - buy some while the idiots that are selling still have some left to hold the stock down with. If you are looking for 35c Guardian you will miss out again.


    ps is this post 201 or 202 on GTP ?Just so I can keep count....
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Currently unlisted public company.

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