What's this private portfolio rubbish on the tipping compAm a trader,

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    Hi all,

    Am a trader, always enjoy looking at what's hot and what's not. Fun to check out the tipping comp - am not in because am not always sure what's going to happen, just trade price/action, so its not my thing to try to forsee movts in stocks. But what's this rubbish about having a private portfolio? Can't understand it! Why? If you go into a competition you are stating that a "certain" stock has the potential to move in a "certain" direction.

    Is it an ego thing, to have your name at the top of the ladder, but not commit? Just don't understand the logic. If I see someone has picked a good mover, my first thought is - well done and often try to work out the whys. But to have a "private portfolio" is a load of garbage to me.
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