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    Anyone been following XEL? They have "Funhaler" (asthma device for children) for which they won an award from the US ($1 million) (says something about the product - not bad for an oz company). They are currently trialling the product in the West Aust hospital system (I'm not sure which one). It seems to me that the Funhaler is a winner. (How many children have asthma????).

    In addition XEL has acquired German company Visiomed which uses patented skin cancer detection technology (microDerm systems).

    Market cap is around the $20 M mark and they seem to have a sound and progressive board seeking to capitalise on both Funhaler and microderm products, for which there is recognition in and outside Australia.

    So to that end, I'm wondering why this little stock has caught the interest of traders? I'd appreciate comments as to why the stock price is trading currently at the 12c mark???????????
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