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    so Ive been a long term investor last 7 years..amazing concept, story, potential etc etc. Been following all the very knowledgeable posters on here and have the utmost respect for their expertise.
    But every now and again I get the shivers.
    The use of organ pipes with fans in the background to demonstrate the sound was one such shiver. I found it bizarre and a bit "shady".
    Like a distraction a salesman would use.
    The use of a church organ to demonstrate. Simple single instrument -ok its got fundamentals and harmonics but most are going to be listening to music far more complex. The tones are of varying frequency but simple . A bit like an audiometer tonometer or calibration machine to test hearing/ sound.
    No drums. bass, strings, woodwind, vocals. The things that create the dynamics and complexity in music.
    Another shiver-The impenetrable double speak announcements of Fred Bart which sometimes defy grammatical sense to me. I've never come across anything like it from any company-listed or otherwise.
    My question- to those who know the laws of the stock exchange and so on (I don't !).. is :
    Is it possible, just possible .. for this whole AKP exercise to be a complete sham/ fraud? That everything we are presented with is totally and utterly fake? The labs, the demos, the apparent setbacks, the experts ..Is it possible to do that and get it by the regulatory authorities?
    Does Israel have an extradition treaty with Australia? .. or could a total fraudster live his days out happily in Tel Aviv having taken the money of Australian investors? I am not at all saying this is what is happening but could it be possible ???
    Bernie Madoff defrauded alot of very high net worth people who presumably had ABSOLUTE trust in his advice/ schemes and history if full of such scams- usually the selling of some unique game changing concept/ product promising billions to those " in the know".
    Im hoping the answers to all of this is NO ..
    But as I said , I do sometimes get the shivers...
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