what's the bet they drop the challenge?

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    Report: More votes tallied than voters registered

    State Republican Party leaders say they've found 8,400 more ballots cast than the number of voters registered in the state's five largest counties.

    State GOP Chairman Chris Vance says the mismatching numbers in King, Pierce, Snohomish, Clark and Kitsap are troubling.

    In King County alone, there are 895,660 registered voters. But in the gubernatorial recount, King tallied 899,199 votes - more than 3,500 more votes than there were voters.

    Republican Dino Rossi won the first two counts in the governor's race, then lost a hand recount to Democrat Christine Gregoire by a mere 129 votes.

    Republicans are mulling a possible legal challenge to the election, and Vance says discrepancies like the ones they found so far are clear indications that things went wrong.

    County officials have said it typically takes a while for election results to be reconciled with voter registration records.
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