what's next for gold (a 'must' read)

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    This from David Vaughn ("Gold Letter Website" 29/8/03):

    What’s Next For Gold?

    Everyone is waiting with baited breath for gold’s next move!

    A gold price around 372 an ounce sure beats a price around 250 an ounce we saw a few years ago. I talked with a gold CEO yesterday & he said gold companies could make a living at 350 an ounce. Naturally, everyone could make an even BETTER living with a gold price over 400.

    Is gold going over 400 an ounce?

    "The funds have been monster buyers & you have got to wonder what they are hearing… "It just lends credibility to an agreement if the funds are really strapping it on." Reuters, 8-27-2003

    Did you catch the significance to the text above?

    Let’s read it again:

    The funds have been "monster" buyers…

    Sounds encouraging to me the fact that institutions have been strong buyers of gold shares recently. After all, with their connections they know more than the common man or woman on the street what is going on. And if financial institutional funds are "monster" buyers of gold shares then maybe we should be "monster" buyers also.

    Now let’s listen to the venerable Jay Taylor, gold analyst extraordinaire:

    The bull market in gold, which is still largely a stealth bull market remains largely ignored by the vast majority if not 99% of investors who continue to follow the mindless & destructive pap spewed out on the public air waves by Wall Street cheerleaders who feed the major media disinformation campaign. Jay Taylor, 8-23-2003

    What Jay Taylor has just informed us is that the mainstream investor still has not discovered gold. But the Reuters article we read further up the page informed us that the financial institutions have discovered gold shares & they are presently monster buyers!!!

    ..thinking outside of the mainstream disinformation thought process will continue to pay off. Jay Taylor, 8-23-2003

    I think if we analyze this data we have just read we can come to the conclusion that a killing remains to be made for the astute investor who is "..thinking outside of the mainstream…" & willing to purchase gold shares before they are discovered by the average "mom & pop" investor.

    And back to our earlier question if gold is going over 400 an ounce.

    I personally definitely see a momentum building in the gold price that will culminate grandly for those astute investors willing to get into gold shares now & before prices are much, much higher.

    And let’s hear what good ole’ Leonard Kaplan has to share:

    As per Thom Calandra’s CBS Marketwatch, some banks, such as Merrill Lynch & Goldman Sachs are now recommending a 5% weighting of gold in client holdings, due to the chances for accelerated inflation & a depreciating USD. …such a recommendation has the potential to VERY SERIOUSLY affect investment demand for gold. Leonard Kaplan, 8-18-2003

    And getting back to our question, is gold going to 400?

    Read the following & YOU decide!!!

    Gold Soars As Speculators Bet On Inflation

    By George Trefgarne, Economics editor, money.telegragh.co.uk, 8-28-2003

    Gold SOARED to within a few dollars of its highest price for seven (7) years yesterday…

    John Reade, an analyst at UBS, said: "The market hit important technical levels yesterday & could now rise further.

    Yes, those willing to think outside the mainstream will reap vast monetary rewards down the road. If you haven’t bought your first gold share you better get started!!!"
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