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    Yet another sterile lay debate about climate change. What's the point, none of us here on HC are climate scientists or experts on the topic.

    Best to look to what is happening amongst those who do deal with the climate change phenomenon.

    . Patrick Moore, one of the founders of Greenpeace. Concedes he was wrong and climate activists are wrong.
    . Michael Moore, left wing activist and film producer who recently released Planet of the Humans which exposes the renewables industry.
    . Zion Lights, former spokeswoman for Extinction Rebellion who has recently quit the group and says "I changed my mind". She is now a campaigner for nuclear power.

    . Michael Shellenberger, a high profile climate activist since high school has also seen the light and published "Apocalypse Never". Like Lights, Moore and Moore he says he has looked at the evidence and concedes he was wrong.

    . Al Gore, producer of the sci fi thriller, An Inconvenient Truth. which has been widely discredited for its numerous technical inaccuracies, in particular the infamous Hockey Stick. Inconveniently for Gore, the UK High Court found 9 serious factual inaccuracies . Gore, who claimed in the sci fi that melting glaciers in Greenland and Iceland would raise sea levels by up to 7 metres - a claim found by the High Court to be "distinctly alarmist" - claims he lives a "carbon free" lifestyle. [even though he uses "carbon offsets" which is a kind of Ponzi scheme for eco alarmists]

    Gore "saves the planet" by owning an energy sucking mansion that consumes 21 times more energy per year than the average US house.

    . Tim Flannery, who infamously suggested the sea levels could rise by up to 8 storeys [ and a long list of other whoppers] bought himself a waterfonr home on the Hawkesbury River.

    . Kevin "Greatest Moral Challenge of our Time" Rudd, like Flannery, Gore and other like minded devotees, only pay lip service to the great moral challenge. Otherwise he wouldn't have been living the past few years on the Sunshine Coast and just bought another mansion here. If he actually believed what he says, he would be living in Toowoomba; Flannery would be in Katoomba.

    . All the world's governments - all governments have promoted annual climate summits and bagfests which, ultimately, turn out to be nothing more than expensive junkets and a planning forum for where to host next year's junket. Contrast, March this year, when faced with a real crisis, governments moved with undue haste to contain and address the threat. Fake crisis -v- real crisis.


    Everybody can cherry pick scientific data. That's what we see on lay sites like this. Better to evaluate evidence from those who do know, including seeing what proponents actually do, as opposed to what they say. Like the examples above. Then, a clear pattern emerges.


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