IMO fellas and girlies... the matter of global warming has...

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    Yes, "refusal to accept defeat" is a classic, as made quite famous by Tony Abbott in 2010. Your creation fits him to a "T"...
    IMO fellas and girlies... the matter of global warming has become the defining polemic of our age. to re-define a rather overly-inclusive K.Rudd, and it has aligned with two sides of politics. Now I've met and admired many people from the right as much as I have from the left. There have been amazing, intelligent and genuinely thoughtful people on both sides. Yet this absurd divide continues to effect excellent non-partisan thought.

    I'm no neurologist or psych of any sort. my own meditations lead me to believe there is a distinct difference in how loony lefties and ridiculous righties think, perhaps analogous to the age old differences between women and men. Neither side is ever totally correct or completely wrong, mostly because each side rejects the perceived limitations of the other. How senseless is it to deny the value of either side when its the other side which completes the bigger picture.

    So to my thinking its something in the hormones or neurochemistry that makes the difference.

    cheers Scott.
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