You could change that a little to " refuse to accept that they...

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    What you fail to mention; There are those that believe they are not trolling but have such a belief that they could not possibly be debunked as an expert and end up being proven to be an ex-spurt have to rely on calling everyone with a differing view a troll. (even when events prove the so called troll to actually be right. Calling out troll, troll, troll is in many cases, like calling the kettle black.
    You could change that a little to " refuse to accept that they were defeated at an election and continue to denigrate the winner in an attempt to convince everyone, including themselves, that they were cheated out of victory."
    They then continue that sentiment into the "global warming" debate and when the sea levels fail to rise as they predicted revert to "climate change" where the argument for panic is so weak they rely on a psyco school child to fight that battle.
    The turmoil created by Codit19 now gives them another avenue to denigrate the Government whenever possible, still failing to accept the election defeat.
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