what's happened to j.r.nyquist?

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    J.R. Nyquist is an American of significant popular standing who writes a weekly column "Geopolitical Global Analysis".

    I don't share his views, but I do read his column every week because he does write well and does make many good points.

    Nyquist is very supportive of all that America does and very suspicious of all communists, particularly Russia.

    He has also been very pro GWB and the US Administration (governmental and financial).

    Was reading his latest article today at http://www.financialsense.com/stormwatch/geo/pastanalysis/2005/0902.html ...... and found I needed to read the last paragraph twice, and the last 2 sentences of that paragraph even more times to believe he was saying what he seems to be.

    The full article is worth reading (it's not too long), but here's the last paragraph:-

    Consider what the media monkeys are now promising: the truth in full color. You want to criticize the basis of your existence, as tenuous as it is – and you want to survive the consequences of this criticism? It’s a good idea to know your own faults, but self-disparagement that arms and equips the enemy has nothing for it. The real truth will wait upon history, but millions will pay with their lives. The fiction of American power doesn’t depend on George W. Bush. It depends on a wonderfully inflatable paper currency and the illusion of continued prosperity.


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