What's going on with DVT at the moment?

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    Hi all,

    Can anyone enlighten me as to what's going on with DVT at the moment? It apparently ceased trading after the 28th October - at least, that's what Comsec website infers,because it no longer recognizes the symbol. Nor does it recognize USC or the proposed new symbol, UXC. Yet, both yesterday and today, it shows up in my data feed under DVT.

    This EOD data (Bodhi) shows DVT yesterday (29/10/02) as opening at 0.580, with High of 0.590, Low of 0.580, and Close of 0.590 on volume of 4,894 and again today as opening at 0.600 with High of 0.630, Low of 0.590, and Close of 0.620 on volume of 15,728.

    There is no doubt some simple explanation. If so, would someone be good enough to fill me in, please?

    (I hold a few of these, whatever they should be called at the moment.)
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