Whats been for off for tax losses?

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    With the All Ords down almost 8% for the year there is probably not too many people needing to undertake window dressing this year.

    That aside, what are HC'erite's suggestions of stocks that have been (or will be) sold off to lock in a tax loss?

    My thinking is that it would need to be a stock in which the punter has simply given up, and decided to "cut and run", seeing no reasonable chance of recovery in the immediate future. Preferring to place his funds elsewhere and get back into his "tax loss" stock when things appear to have turned.

    Otherwise one would merely sell and buy back for a net zero effect of the stock price.

    My candidates in this category would include:
    small caps -
    BGN, NAL, LOK,
    blue chips -

    Any other suggestions?

    Maybe through a consensus view we can identify some stocks that have been unfairly treated pre 30/6, and could bounce back in the new (fiscal) year.
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