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    Heres whats all the fuss is about -

    Im predicting 55cents next week for ATC


    If you look back at the recent financials you will notice that the Av minutes per carrier for the last 6 months are as follows:

    Jan - 433k - 6 carriers
    Feb - 388k - 9 "
    Mar - 345K - 11 "
    Apr - 262K - 16 "
    May - 262K - 24 "
    Jun - 289k - 28 "

    So it appears by the last 6 months we have a decreasing Av minutes per carrier........However, the Av revenue per carrier is INCREASING :

    Jan - US$14,666
    Feb - US$14,888
    Mar - US$14,272
    Apr - US$15,625
    May - US$17,041
    Jun - US$21,428

    HOW can this happen???????

    I spoke to JP only a few days ago, and it appears that the majority of ATC revenue will be outbound from Shanghai to Europe, and everyone knows what that means -

    Europe to Shanghai via Hong Kong - US$0.04 cents
    Shanghai to Europe via Hong Kong - US$0.15 cents

    So it is in ATC's favor immensely that the majority of its connections get outsourced from Asia - as is the case.

    Av cents per month

    Jan - 3.4c
    Feb - 3.8c
    Mar - 4.1c
    Apr - 5.9c
    May - 6.5c
    Jun - 7.4c

    Be on the look out for an anticipated July Qtr revenue before the end of the month.
    It will surprise all. But dont take it from me - Its only 11 days away

    Suspension is in the wind


    Stocko - looks like you should have took rainings advice when he was screaming a BUY at 19/20 cents in jan/ feb
    ATC wil be $1.50 by 2nd Qtr -

    When all the big boys are connected things will happen quickly - but then again, It was always on the cards from the start.

    The largest 3 telcos in China and the Largest 2 telcos in Europe are signed up -

    What did everyone expect
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