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    I didnt know where to post this because if i posted this on one of the stock forums i would be accused of cross promotion, so here it goes.

    Whats a better buy medium term, AVB avanco resources at around 13.5c

    or SDL sundance resources at around 57c.

    they both have great potential as ive read both forums alot recently, i know some of you will say just put half your money in both, but i dont really want to, i wanna keep the no. of stocks in my port as low as possible.

    AVB is good at its mainly copper, not in production yet, their in brazil, and they have resource upgrades coming up soon, but what concerns me is that a director recently sold about half his stock near the recent peak.

    SDL is basically iron ore in cameroon, they wont be in production until at least 2013-2014, they dont have finance signed up yet, they will only be in feasibily stage in 1st Q 2011, but people think once in production they could be $3+ /share.
    What concerns me is they have like 2.7Billion shares on issue and they are in cameroon/congo.

    what do you guys think.
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