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    On the 30th of May 2007 opposition leader Kevin Rudd announced Labor’s 10 point plan
    to tackle climate change, which included a $50 million commitment to match
    (dollar-for-dollar) geothermal drilling expenditure and exploration development in
    These sentiments were outlined in a television interview by Labor’s Environment
    Spokesman Peter Garrett, who singled out developments in South Australia, and its
    “tremendous prospects in geothermal” which, he said need to be tested with drilling
    programmes. Garrett believes the industry is being hampered by the lack of
    capacity, particularly in drilling:
    “…so what we intend this $50 million to go towards is to provide a one for one
    dollars, match $1 from us, $1 from the industry so that they can get these drilling rigs
    on to site and really get the best sites identified and get the industry going.”
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