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@Sitight ........."You feeling Sorry for all genuine holders...

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    @Sitight ........."You feeling Sorry for all genuine holders could not be further from the truth. I think there is nothing more you would love than for this company to Fail"

    That is just outright rubbish. I've explained several times over the last year or so how I have some friends with millions of shares in this. The last thing I want is for them to be losing on this. I just hope they can get their money back or at least a good part of it, but as time goes by with this in suspension, no money and constant invoices to pay, the odds of that happening get less and less.

    I've been advocating for shareholders to try and take some type of action, by stirring up the BOD to actually do something for ages now. Instead people like listening to the wonderful stories of someone that tells how some director told them of the great upcoming announcement next week, so people wait and wait, yet nothing material eventuates.

    The easiest way to go broke on these penny dreadfuls is to sit back while the stock is in suspension, do nothing, while all the funds drain away in staff and admin costs etc, 'til there is nothing left.
    Shareholders as a group have power, yet most companies don't want shareholders getting together and asking serious questions, especially when nothing is happening.
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