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The ASX is not acting in shareholders interest. They are making...

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    The ASX is not acting in shareholders interest.

    They are making it difficult and pedantic. I believe what has been supplied is ample to list on other stock exchanges. The ASX is costing us shareholders. We do not get a chance to trade our shares and they want us to blow up. We should list elsewhere and sue the ASX for costing the company and shareholders from being able to trade and raise capital. If WFE was trading soon after the announcement. Would be multiples of the 2.4c closing price and cap raising if needed at higher prices.

    ASX has stuffed us up. Relisting should of been a priority to both parties and thrown all necessary personnel at it from both sides. One year is a joke.

    A royal commission into the ASX and pay us shareholders compensation. To prove to us the ASX is doing the right thing, Or It should be made public and announced everything that happens with dates and Information exchanged to us shareholders.
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