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What will UNIS have that AAPL Doesn't

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    Study the overnight trade charts for the 2 companies on NASDAQ UNIA ans AAPL.
    Bit similar shape, considering we are 'shorted' big time and they have $178 Billion in the bank and much sort after world class products, but they are not commanding products, as they have competitors that outsell them.
    This is not a direct comparison to UNIS, as we have world class products that have no real long term competitors against (I realise that there are obsolete similar products out there).
    The difference between Apple and UNIS is that tomorrow their sale might collapse if a competitor comes up with a much superior product.
    That can not happen with UNIS, because we don't have a consumer product.
    Our products are sold only to Pharmas who enter into long term contracts and combine oue products with their drugs and therefore competitors cannot replace our contracts which are for 10- 20 years with extensions and minimum volumes.
    So, What does this mean?
    Apple has $178 Billion in the bank and yet pays Div&Yield- $1.88 (1.6%) per share priced at $120, and so for every $120 invested you get $1.88 dividend.
    That is so much better than UNIS at the moment, but that is all about to change.
    UNIS is ramping up production against ALL of our products (photo attached) and income has started to trickle in, but will start to flow about June 2016 and then get bigger and bigger and bigger each year continuing, into the 20 -30 year and beyond, ever increasing.
    Your all heard Chairman and CEO- Alan Shortall mention repetitively the words "Annuity Type Revenue". That's what the income from these contracts are, a source of reliable stream of income from a source that is entirely future proof and that is people getting disease, and those payments come from the largest most secure companies in the world.
    Because of that Annuity Type income you can borrow against it.
    I have one, not unlimited, but as you know I mortgaged my house to buy my UNS shares.
    How was I able to do this at age 60. It is because I have a guaranteed source of income, for life, a 99 year term in the form of State Superannuation, a virtually un-interruptable secure source of income for life.
    This is UNIS, an un-interruptable source of income ever increasing.
    Our Pharma's are not only asking us to invent these products, but they are signing contracts with upfront payments to develop them, payments for the right to negotiate, payments for exclusivity use, payments for DATA transmitted etc.
    Both Wests and UNIS anticipate the Wearable market alone will capture 50 of the worlds top selling drugs and future drugs and we have seen that these advanced drugs can sell for more than $1000 each and so Pharmas are willing and able to pay for exclusivity, BIG TIME. At present the worlds top selling drug returns $10 Billion per year and rising.
    What all this means to us shareholders is that in short time we will see UNIS enter into a larger different source of finance.
    We have a small , line of credit with Orbimed, at 10%, but that rate is when we have no income.
    Australia's interest rate has just been cut to 2.25% but many countries have smaller interest rates than that Japan 0%, America 1%?, and so there are hundreds of funds that will lend a company like ours money at a very small interest rate because they have to invest money that is deposited with them and return an Interest Dividend.
    UNIS will adopt this Line of Credit formula, nothing is more certain and that will free up capital to pay a dividend to us shareholders, and in time that could approach, large cash per share, which in time and very quick time will cause the share price to more than sky rocket, because the whole world of investors and self funded retirees need a stable source of income.
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