what will the qtrly hold?

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    Hopefully, with the new cash stream coming in from Oseil, and notwithstanding the ongoing capex they need to put into Oseil to keep the project moving along the planned phases, let's hope they can shine some light on a positive cashflow for the qtr and shed some more light on the latest view of where they see Oseil going over time.

    if they can start to put some qrts together of positive cashflow, well we could be on to a winner. And when the capex is no longer required at Oseil (mind you that could a while away, like >1yr etc), well it will all simply be operational cashflow. I think we will need to be patient though.

    Also, higher oil prices must be helping the situation along as well. If this translates to positive cashlfow, it will help them to improve and strengthen their balance sheet over time too. Then hopefully they will get on with the capital reconstruction ( NB: NOT a 'consolidation') to address the flawed capital structure of the company.
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