what will rudd do with the surplus

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    From "The Australian"

    "The vehicle to do these sorts of jobs, Infrastructure Australia, was signed off by cabinet in January and was quickly passed into legislation. As Kevin Rudd explained, this "core statutory body" will audit the nation's infrastructure stock; draw up a priority list for projects "in order to best target the public dollar"; and work with the states, "other layers of government, as well as the private sector" to see that all that bitumen and cement is, in fact, poured.

    The Prime Minister professes that Labor is agnostic about who builds infrastructure. He does not see the public purse as the sole provider, and has appointed Rod Eddington as the chair of Infrastructure Australia to give the body its business cred. "

    Oh yeah ! Cred ! Eddington is ( ahem ) a director of Allco !
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