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    the hell with rachel corrie The hell with Rachel Corrie........

    The foolish, stupid, naive little girl brought it on herself - here's aview of her...

    Tragedy....nah - WAY, way over-stated!!!

    Ya want tragedy??????

    Spare your pity for the hundreds of truely innocent Israelis men, women and children blown to bits or maimed by these Palistinian animals

    And even....spare your tears for the Palestinian innocents who've copped it because of their leadership

    But the hell with the Rachel Corrie's of the world

    The're but a blip - a bump in the road - a distraction!

    And now they have a memorial services each month for this kid -

    Yo jacobs creek - note they had all of NINE participants

    - hmmm in a city of what...6 million - and in perhaps THE most left-wing and liberal state in the USA....NINE protestors??? Makes ya feel all warm and fuzzy does it??

    And if you want to REALLY undertand the mentality of these people and how totally misleading their spin on things can be, note their comment below that IN a city of 6,000,000 people and in a city that is about AS radical as a city gets in the US at a rally where they get NINE participants...

    ....their view is...."was deemed a success even though only nine demonstrators parpticipated on the gloriously sunny summer day."


    by Anti-Zionism Activist Sunday August 17, 2003 at 12:45 PM
    [email protected]

    The Rachel Corrie Banner Project is fulfilling its commitment to demonstrate on the 16th of every month for the cause of justice and equal rights for the Palestinian people, including the right to return of all the Palestinian refugees to their ancestral homeland of Palestine-Israel.

    The third Rachel Corrie Banner Project demonstration that took place at Union Square on Saturday, August 16th, was deemed a success even though only nine demonstrators parpticipated on the gloriously sunny summer day. Demonstrators felt good just to be able to exercise their freedom of speech and to get their message out to the general public, which is "Stop U.S. Support of Apartheid Israel Now".
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