what to do with these dangerous terrorists yak

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    you know the type -- young, brave innocents with the courage of their convictions. those who would reveal to the world the brutality of the zionists agenda and reveal the facade for what it is. these are dangerous people yak. you can murder more of them but another 100 will rise up and make a stand for justice. these are real americans yak, unlike you who's allegiance lies with a foriegn power, americans who's faith has been shattered by their presidents response to your murdering bulldozer driver. these are dangerous people yak, because they won't roll over and accept the lies or support the crimes. these are dangerous people yak because one candle will light up a dark corner for others to see what is really there.

    Alert: Rachel Corrie Peace Center in East Jerusalem to be Demolished !!!
    author: repost
    >Summary: The Rachel Corrie Peace Center in East Jerusalem is faced with the
    >same fate that befell its namesake ‹ to be crushed under the wheels of a
    >bulldozer. You can help.
    >Israeli army to demolish Rachel Corrie Peace Center
    Wednesday, 20
    >August 2003 by Jason Email: [email protected]
    >Dear Friends,
    >The Labor Art and Mural Project's delegation to Palestine/Israel is facing
    >a grave challenge: This morning, four cars of Israeli authorities - the
    >IDF, the Civil Administration, and the police department arrived at the
    >work camp in East Jerusalem where LaMP activists are helping to construct a
    >peace center in memory of Rachel Corrie. The authorities issued a 'stop
    >work' order and confiscated building materials. They also announced that
    >the building and mural - both scheduled for completion on Thursday - would
    >shortly be demolished.
    >Israeli and Palestinian activists are massing to spend the night in the
    >building, or arranging to be at the site at 4:30 tomorrow morning in an
    >attempt to stall or prevent the demolition. Some activists will carry out
    >civil disobedience. Your messages of protest are crucial as well.
    >The building, called the Beit Arabia Peace Center, is the project of the
    >Israeli Committee against House Demolitions. As an act of resistance to the
    >occupation, ICAHD is holding a work camp to rebuild on the site of the home
    >of Arabia and Salim Shawamreh of Anata. The Israeli authorities have
    >demolished the Shawamreh home four times. In addition to memorializing
    >Rachel Corrie, the center will memorialize the death of Nuha Makadma
    >Sweidan, a pregnant Palestinian woman killed in Gaza in March 2003 when an
    >Israeli bulldozer demolished her home on top of her. The center will house
    >a permanent exhibit of the ongoing tragedy of house demolitions, and will
    >also serve as a center for educational activities, study tours, activist
    >events and peace-building between Palestinians and Israelis. It is
    >poignantly located across a valley from a new Israeli police and
    >interrogation center.
    >The mural being painted by U.S. labor muralist Mike Alewitz is anchored by
    >an image of broken bulldozers and war equipment. In the sky float images of
    >Corrie and Sweidan. A railroad track runs to the horizon, reminding viewers
    >of the collective dreams of radical Jewish and Arab unionists in the
    >mandate period who fought for joint organizing of the Haifa rail workshops.
    >It is this kind of vision - of Jews and Arabs fighting for socialist future
    >where the interests of working people will be central - that the Israeli
    >authorities hope to bury in their escalating demolitions of rebuilt houses
    >and structures.

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