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    ahhh the swings and roundabouts of life.

    last week, watso found $5 when he went shopping... this morning he bought 3 items at $5 each - but there were only 2 items when he got home - so must have left an item at the till - maybe for the next person to get for free.

    well, went to buy 5 litres of wine for $11 - only to find that there were some with damaged packaging at $8. watso's mates in the park could not care less if 5 litres cost $11 or $8.

    watso only spotted the above bargain after having paid $10 for a cold4l cask of TANGLED VINE estate wine - and that was interesting because the sign mentioned 2 for $20 -and in small print single price $10 - so watso bought the single cask , but was then charged $12 at the till - seeing that the price was $10 (as per the sign) watso asked if the wine should be free!!!! no such luck.

    $5 is almost worthless these days - except for die hard rtc shoppers like watso.

    for what it is worth, but there is too much wine in australia - and do not be a snob - the wine has to be cleared - and the drop that watso is drinking now is a beauty...keep in mind, that watso has already cycled about 30km, and even though the temperature is not as hot as one or two days ago, it is still warm - and the combination of exercise, warm day , and cold wine is simply superb. a $100 bottle of wine would probably taste just as nice - but would have watso spewing, if it was he that was paying
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