what the delegates said following the latest repor

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    What the delegates said following the latest reports delivered to the Security Council by chief UN weapons inspectors

    "Unfortunately, in my judgment, despite some of the progress that has been mentioned, I still find what I have heard this morning a catalogue still of nonco-operation ... We must not find ourselves here this coming November with the pressure removed and with Iraq once again marching down the merry path to weapons of mass destruction, threatening the region, threatening the world."
    - US Secretary of State Colin Powell

    "There is good reason to believe that the region would not become more stable but more unstable by a war ... international terrorism would be strengthened, not weakened."
    - German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer

    "To those who believe that war would be the quickest way to disarm Iraq, I would reply that it will drive a wedge and inflict wounds that will be long in healing."
    - French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin.

    "It is our deep conviction that the possibilities for disarming Iraq through political means do exist. And they really exist. And this cannot but be acknowledged. Now we need not new Security Council resolutions; we have enough of those. We need now active support of the inspectors in carrying out their tasks."
    - Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov.

    "We are confident that the United Nations, which represents the will of the international community, will opt for peace. We are confident that this option will prevail over the use of force."
    - Syrian Foreign Minister Farouk al-Shara.

    "We need resolve and determination and more importantly patience and wisdom. The road to peace has not been exhausted."
    - Chinese Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan.

    "It's a chilling read of the failure of Iraq to comply with the resolutions of this council over each day of the last 12 years. Iraq has dragged its feet."
    - British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw.

    "We believe that there is no imminent threat to international peace and security. The cost of delay in our view will be much less than the cost of war. The Security Council's vocation is peace, not war."
    - Pakistani UN Ambassador Munir Akram.

    "Iraq must react more quickly, and it is too bad that it reacts to political pressure and the real threat of the use of force, and not to the continuous demands of the international community."
    - Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Ernesto Derbez.

    "This Security Council has to give a clear message that the time has come to stop playing hostage to those in seeking their own ends mistakenly interpret our aspiration to peace as a sign of weakness."
    - Spanish Foreign Minister Ana Palacio.

    "The US administration and Britain have in the past and continue to attempt to trump up facts and evidence pointing to Iraq's possession of weapons of mass destruction. However, they have come short of convincing the international community. The inspectors have proved that there are no such weapons."
    - Iraqi UN Ambassador Mohammed Al-Douri.
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