what should australia do ???

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    Leaving the middle east and looking at major problems developing with our neighbours; from ABC;

    Prime Minister John Howard has warned the sovereignty of a number of Pacific Islands states is at risk because of corruption and lawlessness. Mr Howard has signalled multilateral intervention could be used in nations other than the Solomon Islands. In a foreign policy address in Sydney last night, Mr Howard said intervention in the Solomons Islands represents a very significant change in Australia's regional relationships. He said a failed state on Australia's doorstep could jeapordise national security and it is time to take remedial action now. "Our friends in the region are looking to us for help and we do not intend to fail them," he said. Mr Howard says a number of other Pacific nations are experiencing economic collapse, corruption and lawlessness. He has praised the region for supporting the Australian-led intervention force to restore law and order in the Solomons.

    So, should we go into these countries or should we ignore them ?

    Dave R.
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