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    Interesting summary from the article only just published.

    As you can see it only say a very little and doesn't point out what they have previously said they would do in this sector and how it is working out.

    Lots of partnerships and agreements but very hard to determine if there is any progress.Reality most just seem to be a beat up of a non committal joint development  idea and shareholders aren't really kept up to date with progress in a meaningful way.

    Constantly seeing deadlines missed and then a change of strategy doesn't give a lot of confidence to the shallow claims of direction being given as there is just so little detail.

    I only casually follow a couple of the others in the list and their summary is equally sterile deviod of reality as to what has gone on in the last 12 months and what is predicted going forward.  The whitewash of QBL in the article is a classic example .

    It doesn't go into the company structure at all and that is what in the end gives shareholders a return.

    Will be very interesting to see how all companies listed look in 12 months .

    Affinity Energy and Health (T/A Algae.Tec)

    Head office: Perth
    Official Listing date: 13 Jan 2011
    Ticker: AEB

    Trading as Algae.Tec, Affinity Energy and Health is in the business of supplying sustainable and renewable algae products.

    Generally it works in the proteins and biofuel oils space, but the call to cannabis has been irresistible for the company, which at the start of 2018 launched a capital raising round to seek a $2.5 million boost.

    Later in May, the company went on to secure a partnership with Canadian-based Radient Technologies (TSXV: RTI) to develop high-end nutraceuticals in an effort to crack the fast-growing global market.

    Executive chairman and managing director Malcolm James said the partnership brings the company closer to distribution, unlocking new opportunities.

    "This is a significant partnership for Algae.Tec as it will enable us to leverage Radient's superior extraction technology, and it represents one of the final steps in the production of a variety of products for the high-end nutraceuticals market," he says.

    "The global nutraceuticals market provides a compelling opportunity for the business and we look forward to providing our shareholders with the outcomes of this first round of extraction testing this quarter."

    Algae.Tec announced last month that it had secured a crucial $7 million finance facility to drive operations within both its algae and cannabis divisions.

    The funds will support operations including a feasibility study of the development of a new algae in North America, its partnership with Radient and its venture in Uruguay.

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