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What needs to be remembered

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    Some may think HDR is just another trading stock but what must be remember is that if this well and Banda are successful, a whole new oil provience would be confirmed.

    At the moment only some oil analysts and geos know the full potential; while we oil traders and gamblers sit and hope and the rest of population is blissfully ignorant.

    If these wells come in then I would expect the world oil industry to take some notice ,hopefully even some media attention, and how Aussie companies have discovered it.

    I watched HDRWMA action yesterday and there was alot of large buyers moving in throughout the day. These could be just traders punting on ching2 but I feel there's more to it and wouldn't be surprised if most of them to be oil insiders and hold for Banda as well, and even wait to expiry to pay for some cheap HDR shares.

    Of course if Ching2 or Banda fail then .....
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Currently unlisted public company.

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