what kind of parents begat these??

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    After looking at the photos (which i will regret for eternity) of the tortured prisoners, forced to have s&x with each other, etc, and the rest, coupled with the dead iraqi children and innocents, I wonder what kind of parents american soldiers have. The country which espouses to be predominantly Christian perpetrates Satan's wishes at every command. What kind of morals were these soldiers brought up with, if any.

    Despite the fact that orders for these abominations obviously came from the top, what kind of human being, particular the young ones can carry out these acts. does the american services purposely enlist psychopaths and degenerates or does the brainwashing commence during recruitment and training? The b!tch we see with her thumbs up, whilst she sits on Iraqi soldiers forced to bugger each other is to me an incomprehensibe picture. How can she go back to her family and friends, her mother and father and look them in the eye after what she did. Ok Ok, im not naive, soldiers kill, that is what they are trained to do. They are also, in America trained to kill the innocents, in fact to particularly kill the innocents. To torture them s&xually before they kill them is indicative of the bloodlust nation that America is today. Americans love to kill. They love to kill wildlife, like poor innocent deer and bears and they love to kill people. You all make me sick. Its your collective problem and your collective doing. Guess what the rest of us in the this world arent all like you, dont agree with you and in many cases hate your guts. As for the b!tch with her thumbs up, her s&xual projection on those prisoners, coupled with the fact she has probably killed innocent babies in cold blood will be her undoing. If she is a parent, I can understand where all this comes from .

    Imagine having that kind of a slag for a mother or a wife. Imagine having those men as your husbands and father to your children. America holds itself up as the greatest country in the world. Greatest in what sense? Great for what? These soldiers (psychopaths) are no better than beasts. With carte blanche they carry out their and their masters sick perversions. This time they did not do it with impunity, but if you can imagine, this is only the tip of the iceberg. I cannot bear to imagine the depth of atrocities they have really carried out. Did they kill babies with the point of their guns. Did they wring their necks with glee? Looking at the photos, it is well within my imagination and within the realm of possibility that the worst war crime possibility has been carried out by these monsters. Is this really war? America, an enlightened nation? What a terrible terrible joke.
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