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what is the relationship between wdr and btv

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    Thanks guys for the heads up

    I've riden wdr a number of times but had no idea about btv

    Do they have a relationship on the resource?

    do you think that bhp is after that resource and there are inside rumours that it is making it's move

    hence the spike

    what's the remifications if this would occur

    is there any other juniors In roper bar other than wdr and btv

    in the next few weeks the scenario will play out I think

    It's time to buy then while they are going cheap

    we will look at wdr - 60 c (which is a little high I think) and btv - 17 c and thought I should have acted on that

    The reality is it's a spec that has a proven find there are not many out there at the moment that can claim this fact. Ask all the holders of qmn it offers so much but still offers little

    all the best to everyone and good luck

    Thanks for sharing

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